Dr J W (Wayne) Griffioen

Dr Griffioen is a geotechnical engineer with more than 12 years experience in geotechnical and environmental projects, both in Tasmania and abroad.
Wayne has extensive technical and project experience in many geotechnical areas, including, the geotechnical aspects of residential subdivisions, piled foundation design, soft soil engineering, contaminated site assessments, environmental risk assessments, pavement design, site classifications and slope stability assessments.

Dr Griffioen has also published a number of papers, mostly relating to his research.  More recently, he has published 2 papers on urban salinity in the Greater Launceston Area and the sources of salt in soil and groundwater, and the effect of groundwater flow on urban salinity.

Through his membership of Engineers Australia and the Australian Geomechanics Society, Dr Griffioen aims to provide ethically sound, technically up to date and sustainability oriented service

Dr A D (Alan) Chester

Dr Chester has had 3 years experience as an engineering geologist involved in a variety of projects, including domestic and light industrial site classifications, investigations for landslide risk assessments, geotechnical investigations for bridge and retaining walls and investigations at contaminated sites.  He has experience in field mapping, supervising various types of drilling operations, including exploration drilling, and test pit investigations.

Prior to joining Tasman Geotechnics, Dr Chester worked for 18 months as an exploration geologist for high purity silica sand in north west Tasmania and tin and tungsten on King Island. 

Dr Chester’s research consisted of investigating the thermal maturity of the Tasmanian Basin and some areas in north west Tasmania by field sampling and then laboratory testing using a variety of physical indicators.