Geotechnical Services

The range of services provided by Tasman Geotechnics includes:

Providing site classification to AS2870 (Residential Slabs and Footings)
Predicting settlement of shallow foundations, on soft soils or hard ground
Deriving geotechnical parameters for retaining wall design
Providing geotechnical design parameters for piled foundations (eg bridge foundations)
Establishing compaction criteria for soils or rock materials as fill
Designing new flexible road pavements
Assessing excavatability on insitu materials
Provide construction inspections for footing excavations, embankment construction, and dam inspections
Carrying out slope stability assessments within the Australian Geomechanics Society Landslide Risk Management (LRM) Guidelines

The geotechnical advice provided by Tasman Geotechnics is based on field investigations to assess subsurface conditions. This may include borehole, excavation pit, Cone Penetration Test (CPT) or hand auger. We engage specialist subcontractors, such as driller and backhoe operators, and direct their actions in the field. Testing is carried out at NATA accredited laboratories with which Tasman Geotechnics has a strong relationship.